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Hot air balloon rides over Vendée and Deux Sèvres ,between Puy du Fou and Marais Poitevin

A flight in a hot air balloon is a unique experience, realise your balloon ride during your stay in Vendée.Come along with us and fly over Vendée countryside.

The hot-air balloon flights go on morning at the sunrise and evening 2 hours before sunset

The entire Skysurfer hot air ballooning experience is approximately four hours long. Flights are approximately of one hour duration. Due to the wind speed and direction, the amount of time aloft in a hot air balloon can never be guaranteed.

Hot-air balloon taking-off time table
- From march 1st to march 15th
7 h 30 Am and 4 h 30 Pm
- From march 15th to march 26th
7 h Am and 5 h Pm
- From march 26th to April 15th
7 h 30 Am and 6 h Pm
- From April 15th to April 30 th
7 h Am and 6h 30 Pm
- From may 1st to may 31st
6 h 15 Am and 7 h Pm
- From june 1st to july 31st
6 h Am and 7 h 30 Pm
- From August 1st to august 31st
6 h 30 Am and 6 h 45 Pm
- From sept 1st to sept 15th
7 h Am and 6 h 15 Pm
- From sept 15th to sept 31st
7 h 30 Am and 5 h 45 Pm
- From october 1st to october 31st
8 h Am and 5h 15 Pm
- From november 1st to february 28th
between 8 h 30 Am and 3h Am
This schedule are rough, depend on weather conditions


Your fun begins immediately when you arrive at ours launch fields where you are greeted by Damien and Thomas yours pilots and you are briefed about what to expect on your balloon flight

La Gondromière
tel 05 49 80 10 45



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une idée cadeau d anniversaire original: un vol en montgolfière au Pays du puy du fou entre vendée et deux sèvres

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